Arc Viva 12×12 Polished Marble by Elizabeth Sutton Pattern 1

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Arc Viva 12×12 Polished Marble by Elizabeth Sutton Pattern 1

Viva La Contemporary 

About the Collection: Even with its black and white color palette, Arc Viva is far from classic. Trippy designs come together to make a mod meets contemporary feeling on these 12×12 tiles. Made from black and white nano glass with porcelain backing. Can be used on walls or floors for a fluid design.

Pattern shown is made by combining 2 Horizontal tiles, 2 Vertical tiles and 2 Linear tiles. 

About Elizabeth Sutton: Elizabeth Sutton is more than just an artist; She’s a philanthropist, “mom-preneur” and an endless source of creative energy. The millennial who is a mother of two, has been featured in Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing”, The New York Post, Entrepreneur and Arch Digest. In just three years, she has taken the nouvaeu arts scene by storm with her colorful designs and optimistic messaging. Elizabeth’s work has been transformed into clutches sold at Bergdorf Goodman and placed on cups for Joe & The Juice. Her social media presence reflects her art – it’s real, authentic, and vulnerable, which is why she continues to grow a loyal following and shake things up in the art/design community.






10 mm

Residential Use:

Floor and Wall

Commercial Use:

Floor and Wall



Shade Variation:



1 sq ft






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