Bag Strap Butterfly Beige Multicolor


  • Finest Quality Italian Leather
  • 24K Gold Plating
  • Custom ESC Butterfly Hardware
  • Guttermann Thread
  • Lined with custom ESC fabric
  • Handmade in Mexico City
  • Bagstrap: 2″ wide, 42″ height;
  • Butterflies: 2.5″ wide, 1.6″ tall

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This bag strap is a craft of artwork. And it represents Elizabeth’s signature butterfly paintings executed as a leather fashion accessory. Hand cut butterflies on this bag strap. Hand painted and hand burnished.  Just like the butterflies it features, the bag strap is beautiful and delicate. As a result, needs to be treated carefully and worn with confidence. Also, it features custom brass hardware plated in 24K gold.
Sutton’s first capsule collection uses the finest quality Italian leather. Also, it is featuring 11 custom dyed colorations and embossings. And each saddlebag is stitched with the finest quality Gutterman thread from Germany. Along with 10 unique thread colorations featured throughout the collectionThe collection uses six different shades of edge paint. And it features custom hardware made of solid brass and plated in 24K gold and rose gold. This reflects Sutton’s unique butterfly trademark. Each handbag is lined in custom fabric. Featuring a recoloration of one of Elizabeth’s most recognized paintings ‘Buy Yourself Roses’. The collection is handmade in Mexico City. And was designed in NYC with love and passion.
Many works of art betray the hand of the artist. Elizabeth Sutton’s work, however, tells of the mind of the artist. Her compositional signature is a strong undercurrent of mathematical proportion. Along with algorithmic color placement. Nothing is accidental; everything is intuitive. For Sutton, process is paramount and it begins with a survey of surface and dimension. Working through each concept as if solving a puzzle. She strives for balance, never leaving unexamined the precise nuances of her creative subject. Elizabeth Sutton (b. 1989, New York, NY) is a millennial “mom-preneur” and visual artist and designer who has taken the nouveau arts scene by storm. In 2016, Elizabeth was selected to participate in the NYDesigns incubator program, exhibited at both the Affordable Art Fair & Hamptons Designer Showhouse, and was featured by Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing.” Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Arch Digest, Arch Digest Spain, The New York Post, Time Out Magazine, Haute Living, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and more. 

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 2 in


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This Bag Strap is a Craft of Artwork, and Represents Elizabeth's Signature Butterfly Paintings Executed as a Leather Fashion Accessory. 
Bag Strap Butterfly Beige Multicolor



In stock