Blatt Billiards

Elizabeth Sutton, a distinguished pop artist and designer, announces what is arguably her most unique, detailed, and eloquent work; a custom designed pool table. Complete with meticulously chosen hues and designs, the table is complete with a set of custom made pool cues and balls. The work, a collaboration with Blatt Billiards, the most esteemed billiards company in the market, took over a thousand hours of planning and labor. The artwork is unprecedented, and the result is masterful. According to Sutton, the table is an artistic manifestation of the importance of standing out, an imperative message in a society where conforming is often easier. Like all of Elizabeth’s art, the table is captivating and guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any room it’s in. “This pool table is a reflection of my unique creativity” says Sutton, “it was artistic blood sweat and tears, and I could not be more pleased with the result.”

Photo credits: Julian Osorio

This one of a kind, custom masterpiece features three hand painted, geometric, abstract patterns, and eight colors. The base of the table features a triangular pattern using Elizabeth Sutton’s signature ‘Earth, Wind, Fire’ color palette, created exclusively for her partnership with Janovic; Sutton X Janovic. The ‘Earth, Wind, Fire’ palette features custom made shades, and is a harmonious blend of brilliant crimson red, deep eggplant purple, delicate pale purple, cool cobalt blue, glimmering gold, shining silver, radiant bronze, and chic opalescent off white. Five custom painted pool cues with one of a kind custom pool balls bearing ESC’s trademark butterfly accompany this work. The cues and pool balls also utilize the ‘Earth, Wind, Fire’ vibrant color palette. The table’s six pocket liners are wrapped in impeccable quality, custom designed, 2” leather stripes that have been custom dyed and embossed Italian leathers, hand stitched to perfection in Mexico City. The tables’ legs feature Elizabeth Sutton Collection’s signature hardware, plated in 24K rose gold, reflecting her unique butterfly trademark. The custom felt top features a large-scale adaptation of Elizabeth Sutton’s well known original, ‘Buy Yourself Roses’. The table’s roses are recolored in deep blue tones, which dexterously contrast the bright and colorful base of the table.
Reflected off of one another, these elaborate configurations form a captivating optical and visual presentation. A balance of color blocking, patterning, depth, perspective, and attention to detail, all produce an extraordinary ensemble of artistic technique. The piece is mesmerizing and nothing short of sheer perfection. This is the first six figure artwork Sutton intends to sell.

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