New York

Elizabeth Sutton Leather Collection

Sutton’s first capsule collection uses the finest quality Italian leather, featuring 11 custom dyed colorations and embossings. Each saddlebag is stitched with the finest quality Gutterman thread from Germany, with 10 unique thread colorations featured throughout the collection. The collection uses six different shades of edge paint, and features custom hardware made of solid brass and plated in 24K gold and rose gold that reflects Sutton’s unique butterfly trademark. Each handbag is lined in custom fabric featuring a recoloration of one of Elizabeth’s most recognized paintings, ‘Buy Yourself Roses’. The collection is handmade in Mexico City and was designed in NYC with love and passion.

The Elizabeth Sutton Leather Collection is about building something different – encouraging people to feel comfortable and proud to be different.

As Elizabeth said: “My brand is about creating beautiful things stemming from fear, necessity, trial and error, loss, and hard work, and about wanting a good future for me and my kids. The collection is about doing my very best and acknowledging it’s a good thing to ask for help and encouraging others to do the same. My brand is about showing people that even though the road less traveled is often scarier, it is that much more fulfilling. My desire with my brand, my 3rd baby, is to create a bespoke experience from beginning to end. From my packaging, to my product, to my voice, to my customer service, and through who I am as an individual.”