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Art Print Lost In Color


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Buy yourself roses with this beautiful art print.
Elizabeth created ‘Don’t Got The Blues’, based on her original best-selling limited edition art print and painting ‘Buy Yourself Roses‘. The original painting signified Elizabeth’s newfound independence and freedom post divorce, both emotionally and financially.
Her new colorations were created during the start of COVID 19. Sutton chose to paint a version in blues and call it ‘Don’t Got the Blues’.  As a reminder to all those going through a hard time to try to remain positive. Through art, creativity, love, and colors. For Elizabeth, color is life, and this painting features more than 60 shades of blue, most of which are custom colors.
The original painting features a careful balance of color contrast, with textural touches of iridescence. This painting is particularly meaningful to Elizabeth as it is a personal reminder.  Reminder to stay positive during very unstable times in her life – ‘Buy Yourself Roses’ during her divorce and ‘Don’t Got the Blues’ and ‘Lost In Color’ during COVID 19. Her multicolor variation, ‘Lost In Color’, plays on Elizabeth’s ROYGBIV theme often found within her works. The balance of color is exceptional, with bold and bright colors carefully composing the geometric petals. These works are anything if not happy. Stare into the rose buds and get lost in a technicolor world of hope and positivity. Edition size is 50.

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24" x 24", 36" x 36", 44" x 44"

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  1. becky Levinson

    Hey my name is becky. I have always loved Elizabeth’s work and when I moved into my new apartment getting the colorful roses pieces were a must. They add such light and happiness into my home💕

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