The Solid Reversible Leather Belt is Beautifully Classy and Stylishly Simple, Made to Match Every Outfit. Elizabeth Sutton Collection.
Leather Belt Cream & Brown Reversible



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Leather Belt Cream & Brown Reversible



The Solid Reversible Leather Belt is beautifully classy and stylishly simple. Made to match every outfit. The adaptable colors are perfect year round. Making this leather belt the perfect accessory for every outfit. With its’ reversible feature, this belt functions as two. Each side both exceptional and versatile.
The buckle is a beautiful chic’ butterfly fashioned from custom brass hardware plated in 24K gold. Reminiscent of the signature butterflies in Sutton’s artwork. Sutton’s first capsule collection uses the finest quality Italian leather, featuring 11 custom dyed colorations and embossings. This uniquely crafted belt is a highlight in the collection. Encompassing her timeless designs in a wearable and elevated fashion. The refined design is sure to bring any outfit to the next level.
Many works of art betray the hand of the artist. Elizabeth Sutton’s work, however, tells of the mind of the artist. Her compositional signature is a strong undercurrent of mathematical proportion and algorithmic color placement. Nothing is accidental; everything is intuitive. For Sutton, process is paramount and it begins with a survey of surface and dimension. Working through each concept as if solving a puzzle. She strives for balance, never leaving unexamined the precise nuances of her creative subject.

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70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm, 90cm

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Gold Belt Buckle


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